Our Clothes & Drinking water

Because of the COVID-19…

This should be the physical interactive panel. It doesn’t exist in reality, but has been thought in such a way that it can be actually built for real:

interactive panel

(Physical) Interactive Panel

The instructional video. Here you can see how to interact with the physical interactive panel:

This is the video which shows you the main types of fibres you might find on the information label of your clothing. So you can calculate for yourself how much water would be needed to make your item of clothing. Also, you can find out how many people would be left without drinking water, just to make one item of clothing.

And… not at last… the three different endings for the video. In the top-right corner of each, there is the “i” – info button. Please click on it and choose your favourite ending.

These are, in fact kind of conclusions, which meant to help you remember this issue… water, fashion… you know… Especially if you are a Millennial, because this humour was thought for 25-39 age range. This fashion is nice, but is bad. If we could choose the Lesser of… all the evils, like… cotton is good, but is thirsty. Ok, let’s choose then organic cotton, which “drinks” less water. Or… polypropylene doesn’t need that much water, but is very bad because uses non renewable resources and is not biodegradabile. And so on… This project is just a little attempt towards raising the awareness regardless the impact of fashion industry on our lives. I pictured it as complex and beautifully interactive, covering more issues, such CO2 emissions and the pollution. Who knows… in the future I might do it.

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