Behind the stage

Nothing is what it seems, sitting there on the red chair. You look to the stage front with no real clue about the backstage, with its vibrancy or sense of community. These candid photographs will lead you into the world of Perth Theatre, giving you a glance at the professionals behind the curtain…

photo-book photo copy

Have a look. Flip the photobook.

Many thanks for the kindness of Michael Heasman – Deputy Head of Stage and all the actors who accepted my presence into their busy world during the performance of “Aladdin”.

dsc_6130 copy

dsc_6580 copy

dsc_6428 blur copy

dsc_5664 copy

dsc_6156 copy 2

dsc_5704 copy

dsc_5627 copy

dsc_6273 copy

dsc_6323 copy

dsc_5656 copy

dsc_6211 copy

dsc_6143 copy

dsc_5823 copy

dsc_6008 copy

dsc_6207 copy

dsc_5646 copy

dsc_5939 copy

dsc_6381 copy

dsc_6298 copy

dsc_6068 1 copy

dsc_5833 copy

dsc_5859 copy

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